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Start working

aXTimes keeps track of your activities during the working day and with the live tickers you are always up to date with your income.

feature 2

Nothing is overseen or left to chance

When did I start work yesterday? And how many breaks did I take today?
aXTimes has all the details for you ready.

feature 3

Keep the overview

aXTimes sums up all information you need about your working time and income.

feature 4

Set it right

Configure aXTimes to suit your needs.



aXTimes is available at the App Store.


How to use

You are only seven steps away from taking full control of your working time and income:

  • 1. Set it up

    To max out the usage of aXTimes, set your average working time per day, hourly rate, email address for export and other basic information.

  • 2. Check in, check out, take a break

    Use the check-in, check-out and pause functionality for real-time tracking of your working time.

  • 3. Watch your money grow

    Check the different live tickers (day, month, year) to have real-time control of your income.

  • 4. Go into details

    Select a day you want to check, change or add in the monthly detail list.

  • 5. Make a change

    Change or add relevant data on a specific day like check-in or check-out time, pauses, comments or hourly rate.

  • 6. Sum it up

    Check your weekly, monthly or yearly summary and always be up to date with your working time and income.

  • 7. Share your reports

    Share your aXTimes reports by Mail, Messages, Dropbox or any other app handling csv-format.




When I export a csv-report from aXTimes and open it in Excel or Numbers the numbers are not displayed correctly resp. not recognized as numbers. How can I solve this problem?

Change the decimal delimiter in Settings/Export to what you are using in Excel or Numbers and try again. The numbers should now be displayed correctly.


I have forgotten to check in resp. check out or to enter a break. Can I correct this retroactively?

Of course. In aXTimes all relevant entries can be corrected or entered retroactively. Just switch to the detail-view of the particular day.


If I change my aXTimes settings does this have an impact on previous days?

It depends on the type of setting. Hours per day, currency, time unit and rounding have an impact on previous and future days since these values cannot be saved per day. Hourly rate and comments only have an impact on future days but can be individually set in the detail view of the particular day.


After a check-out in aXTimes the net time is bigger than the gross time. How can that be?

It depends on the rounding setup for the net time. If you have chosen "mercantile" as rounding it is either rounded 15 minutes up or down. This means 7h 55min gross is rounded to 8h 0min net but 7h 51min gross to 7h 45min net.


After a check-out in aXTimes the displayed time and earned money is changed in the live ticker. Why?

After a check-out aXTimes always shows the net time resp. net income.


What happens in aXTimes when I work past midnight?

In this case aXTimes creates an entry that is assigned to the check-in day. However, the actual worked net-time is assigned to the particular day (q.v. Summary/Month).


I would like to assign the working hours of a particular day (entry) to another day without having to enter check-out/check-in and pauses. Is this possible?

Of course. Use the copy function in the detail view of the day you want to copy and then choose your target day. Done.


How can I do a backup of my entered times and settings?

The times entered can be exported as reports for specific periods of time (Summary, symbol top right). To be able to restore the app including data and settings, it is necessary to do a backup via iTunes or iCloud (see This backup can be used to restore the state of the app.


The language in the app is English but the date is in German. Why is that?

This is because of the system settings. In this case the language of the device is set to English and the region to Germany.


The ticker is running but I don’t earn anything. Why?

For the current day (entry) the hourly wage is probably set to zero. To change this switch to the detail view of that day, click on hourly rate and change the value. Alternatively you can change the hourly wage under settings.


Why is nothing but a line to be seen by the overtime in the summary view?

In settings "Hours per day" is set to zero.


Why is a negative number shown at overtime in the summary view?

You have worked less per hour than you have entered in "Hours per day" in the settings.


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